HubSpot Basics + Fields

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Configure HubSpot

Pre-configured cards that give definitions for the important fields in HubSpot.

So you're new to HubSpot. Want to look like a pro?

Who is it for?

  • Starter: This package is for those just getting started in HubSpot (or Supered).
  • Standard HubSpot: These cards are designed for a standard HubSpot installation. You can always add your own cards for custom fields, objects, and reports that are specific to your instance.

What does it do?

  • HubSpot Fields: Get pre-made cards for the most important fields in HubSpot. All cards are mapped to triggers so they’ll appear right in the HubSpot UI.
  • Recommendations: We’ve sprinkled in best practices as well, so you won’t be lost when looking at some of the trickier fields in HubSpot.

Why install this package?

  • Learn HubSpot: This package helps you learn basic fields and definitions in HubSpot.
  • Learn Supered: This package helps understand how you can leverage Supered as you configure HubSpot to reflect your company’s unique needs.

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