Productize Your

Build and deploy intellectual property for your clients.

Standardize. Customize. Connect.
Shorten time to value
Increase customer LTV
Decrease implementation risk
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Missed deadlines,people turnover, and lack of HubSpot adoption, Oh My!
Scaling a service business is hard.
Become a tech-enabled service. Agency Unfiltered episode here.
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CRM in a Box

Host pre-configured packages that automagically deploy and deliver HubSpot best practices directly to a client's HubSpot instances.

Standardize Services

Host templates and training that you can deploy directly into their HubSpot CRM and associated platforms.
  • Instantly configure HubSpot for industries or functions that you specialize in.
  • Provide exclusive content and training that you share with clients as part of your service.
  • Create quick wins that show your value at the beginning of any engagement.

Become a Partnerat your own pace

Step 1
Have a "best practice" to share
Step 2
Build package in Supered
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Step 3
Deploy package to client Super Admin
Step 4
Click Install

Made for the HubSpot ecosystem byHubSpot Fanatics

  • Natively integrates in HubSpot
  • Works across HubSpot ecosystem platforms
  • Designed to work for HubSpot Solution Partners
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Scale your HubSpot business

Supered for Partners

per month
  • Supered pro seat access for your team
  • Package builder
  • Card collections
  • Managed client accounts
  • Ability to earn commissions on sell-through


White Label (Standard)

$1500 / month
  • Your branding in app + extension
  • Custom embed icons
  • 25 included starter seats per client
  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Access to named GTM manager

White Label (Advanced)

$3000 / month
  • 100 included starter seats per client
  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Branded emails
  • Remove "Powered by Supered" attribution
  • UI Blocks
  • Custom app domain (coming soon)
  • Client-facing ticketing (coming soon)
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Did scaling your businessjust get easier?
It sure did.
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It's like peanut butter and jelly.HubSpot and Supered are better together!