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into CRM
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Enforce your revenue processes. Have confidence in your HubSpot data.

Increase Adoption
Increase Productivity
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Your CRM is the most expensive (and important) tool in your tech stack.
Failing to adopt your CRM = Failing to win
Don't leave CRM adoption to chance.
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HubSpot CRM = Your Superpower

Supered enforces and delivers your sales processes with just-in-time enablement in HubSpot.

Guided Selling

Make sales productivity in HubSpot your competitive advantage.
  • Dynamically guide reps with the correct next step and actions
  • Serve the most relevant sales decks, battle cards, and marketing assets to help reps win deals
  • Ramp your remote workforce while they work in the HubSpot CRM

Become Superedin Minutes. No cap.

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Connect HubSpot
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Add revenue enforcement
to HubSpot
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Invite team
to Supered
Step 4
Experience guided
selling in

Made for the HubSpot ecosystem byHubSpot Fanatics

  • Natively integrates in HubSpot
  • Works across HubSpot ecosystem platforms
  • Injects your sales process into HubSpot
  • Enforces key behaviors across HubSpot objects
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Make HubSpot even easier to adopt

You didn't think that was possible. Think again.
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Wish you had a clone?Now you do.
Supered puts you in the room with every rep. Reps know what, how, and when to do all revenue actions.
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It's like peanut butter and jelly.HubSpot and Supered are better together!