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Introducing the game improving playbook breaking down BANT - an insiders look to Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing.


Alright, picture this: you're a sales superhero, armed with the mighty power of BANT! BANT isn't just an acronym; it's your trusty sidekick in the epic battle for successful sales. Let's unravel the playful and fun reasons why salespeople should wield the BANT:

🚀 B: Budget - The Money Shield: Imagine you're on a quest to conquer new sales territories. Your Budget Shield is your first line of defense! It helps you identify prospects who not only adore your product but also have the gold to make the dream a reality. No more chasing after broke dragons – you're after the treasure!

🎯 A: Authority - The Decision-Making Sword: In the enchanted land of sales, there are gatekeepers, and then there are decision-makers. The Authority Sword helps you cut through the red tape and get to the real heroes. No more battling through the maze of middle managers – you're going straight to the kings and queens of decision-making!

👋 N: Need - The Problem-Solving Wand: You're not just selling products; you're solving problems! The Need Wand helps you identify the pain points of your prospects. Armed with this magical tool, you can tailor your pitch to show how you're the knight in shining armor ready to vanquish their troubles. Say goodbye to generic pitches – you're here to save the day!

🎉 T: Timeline - The Time-Traveling Clock: Time is of the essence in your sales adventures! The Timeline Clock lets you peek into the future and discover when your prospects are ready to embark on this grand journey with you. No more waiting around for the stars to align – you're on a quest, and the Timeline Clock helps you strike when the iron is hot!

So there you have it – BANT is your magical arsenal, turning you into the sales wizard of whimsy and wins! Embrace the power, wield the acronym, and let the sales enchantment begin! 🌟✨


Crafted for your Sales Team with Love ❤️


Inside you'll find definitions of each stage of BANT, qualifying questions that'll help you get the answers you NEED & guidance on how to set up your HubSpot for SUCCESS!


HubSpot, Salesforce, Monday, Pipedrive- any CRM will do 😊

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