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Sales Delivery
Resource Maximization
HarvestROI turbocharges close rates, slashes sales cycle durations, and maximizes human resource efficiency with their game-changing 'Portal Health Audit.'

Their results in numbers

Faster Implementations
Reduced the Dashboard implementation time from 2 hours to 30 seconds while their entire Portal Audit process, from dashboard implementation to delivering findings, decreased to 45 minutes from a previous time of 2.5+ hours
⬆️ 2 Weeks
Faster Sales Cycle
HarvestROI increased their sales cycle speed because of the ability to "Supered" their Portal Health Audit (saving time and human capital.)
Closing Rate
HarvestROI's closing rate jumps to 70% once an Audit is complete.
Key Takeaways

Supered revolutionized HarvestROI's Portal Health Audit, achieving an 82% reduction in implementation time, shrinking Dashboard setup to 30 seconds, and streamlining the Portal Audit process to 45 minutes.

It also cut the sales cycle by 2 weeks, increased lead engagement, and maintained a 70% closing rate, establishing itself as the lead magnet that consistently converts.

Decreased Time To Implementation

B.S. (Before Supered) only the implementation specialists had the magic touch for the audit build out. Sales & marketing? Nah, not their HubSpot jam—they usually don't have the knowledge and honestly, it wasn't in their job description anyway. It's like asking a chef to fix your car. Not their scene, dude!

The Dashboard build out and process audit—that includes 50+ reports—would usually on average take up to 2.5 hours of an implementation specialist's time per potential client. And that's not even including the time it would take sales to coordinate calendars with the appropriate implementation specialist.

Now A.S. (or After Supered), any HarvestROI-er is able to deploy the Dashboard Package in record time. Calendar juggling? Gone. Ensuring the implementation specialist has the bandwidth to implement? Bye–bye! Now with very little training required, Sales can quickly and quite easily deploy the dashboard, relay the findings, and CLOSE THAT DEAL! How's that for keeping those balls in the air?

This 82% reduction in implementation time MEANS: More, more, more!...More leads satisfied, more business, more happy clients. And as any good sales person knows, being able to satisfy leads QUICKLY means an increased chance in closing the deal (which...well, happened. Keep reading!)

Shortened the Sales Cycle

Like we said above: the "Portal Health Audit" used to take FOREVER—2.5+ hours after it was put into the project scope. This meant an extra 4-7 BUSINESS DAYS before a lead could even see the value of it! No need for a crystal ball—everyone knows longer sales cycles equal leads turning into ice sculptures.

“We've got a lot of reports on our Portal Health Audit so we can get a good overview of the client's portal. It used to take me HOURS to clone this for every single client! With Supered, we can now show the dashboard ON THE DEMO and win them over.”

Loriauna Mora

Enter Supered, our knight in shining code! Striking while the iron's hot was now easier than ever, and lead engagement skyrocketed. No more waiting 4-7 business days after the dashboard was done—it's all about that instant spark.

And guess what? More leads joined the party! Because the Portal Audit was now so EASY to do (thanks to Supered,) HarvestROI began offering Portal Audits to ALL of their leads, not just those in the "right" deal stage of the funnel. Which, more leads means...more money.

Increased Close Rate

Let's be real- being able to showcase and demonstrate HubSpot expertise & solutions inspires confidence to buy. In fact, there's data to prove it! HarvestROI's closing rate, IF they can get a lead to agree to an audit, jumps to 70%. That's INSANE! (It's almost like people want you to show them what you can do, not just talk about it...)

Supered is HarvestROI's secret weapon, empowering them to showcase their HubSpot mastery with unparalleled speed and effectiveness. Because Supered allows for lightning fast delivery, HarvestROI has offered this to ALL of their leads (not just the ones in the right stage) and their closing rate HAS REMAINED the same. Talk about finding a lead magnet that converts!


Supered isn't just a tool; it's HarvestROI's ticket to a revolution. Faster implementations, shorter sales cycles, and an impressive closing rate — it's the triple threat that has reshaped their approach.

The ability to efficiently deploy Portal Audits for all leads, coupled with a seamless showcase of expertise, keeps HarvestROI ahead in the game. Supered isn't just a code; it's the magic wand that keeps the leads coming, the deals closing, and the business thriving.