The $10,000
Supered Pitch
The $10,000
Supered Pitch

Are you ready to show your Supered HubSpot skills to the world?

Join us for The $10,000 Supered Pitch where 4 HubSpot Partners get the opportunity to speak at Inbound for the chance to win $10,000.
Speak at Inbound
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Supered sales person

Eligibility Criteria

I like the sound of that. Can I submit?

We are looking for Hubspot Solution Partners that:

  • Tier
    • Are a Hubspot solutions partner (Diamond or below) as of 8/1
  • Use Case
    • Have an industry-specific (real estate, roofing, insurance, etc.)
    • OR function-specific (ABM, PLG, outbound, renewals, etc.) build in HubSpot
  • Supered
    • Leverage Supered to enhance the use case in HubSpot or other platforms
    • Use embedded cards or process rules
  • Inbound 2023
    • Present at the Sprocketeer lounge during Inbound '23
    • Winner will receive their prize at the Sprocketeer Afterparty

Meet the Judges

Showcase your solution to HubSpot Leaders.

Competition Details

Here's the order of events:

  1. Initial Application: Apply via the below form by August 18.
  2. Finalists Selected: 4 finalists selected by August 25.
  3. Pitch Competition: Pitch your HubSpot solution on the Sprocketeer stage at Inbound on September 7.
  4. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: The winner is announced at the Sprocketeer afterparty by Kyle Jepson on September 7.

The Application

Your ExpertisePlus signSupered =$10,000

Frequently Asked Q's

Yes! Schedule time with Lindsay to go over your idea, before you submit. Lindsay will give you feedback and help ideate ways that you can use Supered for your use case!